Is it possible to publish flow function to marketplace?


Sorry, it could be a naive question.
But I could not find an option to publish flow functions to marketplace.

Is it possible to do so ?


You need to:

  1. Enter Isolation Mode for the flow function
  2. Under Edit properties, make sure the Intro (short description) field is filled
  3. Under the Advanced menu, click Overwrite local template
  4. Find your flow function under the By me tab in the flow function library on the left
  5. Click the three-dot action menu; the Publish to marketplace option is now available

It’s definitely confusing that the menu item is not available on the first try; will need to fix that!

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@Harri_Sarsa I have published a plugin a couple of days back in the review cycle. How much time does it take to get it approved?

Many thanks in advance :bowing_man:‍♂