Is it possible to update and refresh the data created with AppGyver, while the App is running in the app store?

Hi all.
My question is: If I compile an app and upload it for example to the Google store, but the data was generated inside AppGyver, and if I want to change some value of the AppGyver DATA, the changes will be automatically applied to ala app that is uploaded in the store or I have to re-upload a new version to the store.
Thank you very much.

Not at all, when you upload your app, in order to change something, you need to create (upload) a new version in the store, you can find tutorials on how to do that on youtube

but just to make sure when you say

you mean like a button or anything like that correct?

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Correct, I understood that part… and for example I bring the data from an API, that from the API I can change values such as: Price, Descriptions and even a URL image… Will it be possible to make the changes without having to reassemble the app in the store?

As for the data you use fom an api, that data is always stored outside of the app and only retrieved when needed, that means that you can change them and then when you call the api in the app, the new data will come

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Perfect, it was very clear to me, that was my concern, thank you very much.

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