Is it really possible to send a push notification?

Hello everyone and thank you for your help.
This is my first message I am new here and I have been working for 2 weeks at 100% on AppGyver.
I am an expert in old-school NoCode (Filemaker for those who know) and I am embarking on an ambitious application project with AppGyver. In two weeks I managed to configure thanks to all of you and this forum, the identification with Firebase, as well as the writing, reading and modification in the Firestore database.
However, I have just spent 3 days non-stop trying to send a push notification from my test mobile with the simulator (SAP AppGyver) which should arrive for this test on the same mobile.
I thought I read that it didn’t work with SAP AppGyver so I struggled but managed to compile my APK… But it’s the same regardless of my attempts, impossible to see a notification arrive… Even when it seems to go away without error. (I don’t think anything actually goes)
I tried to follow all the documentations and all the topics of the forum to subject without more success.
So basically I have a few simple questions:

  1. is it possible to send a push notification from a mobile X under android and which would arrive on the same mobile (it doesn’t make sense but it’s for testing).
  2. is it possible to send a notification with the SAP AppGyver simulator on android without compiling the APK file?
  3. My god but how do you do it?
    Thank you to all those who will read me and even more to those who agree to help me.

Finally, sorry, but I’m French and I use Google Translate.


  1. I think so yes.
  2. You can’t receive push notifications in SAP AppGyver Preview app, but you can send them. You have to build separate apk / ipa to receive push notifications.
  3. This is my favorite thread on getting push notifications to work. Note that some parts of the process take a long time, like Google setting up the topic you’re subscribing to etc.

I would start by debugging each step – are you able to get push notification permissions in the (standalone) app? If yes, are you able to get the device token in the (standalone) app? If yes, then is the device token registered correctly in firebase, do you see it there?

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Just to add that tutorial still works using Firebase - both for Android and Apple, particularly sending to ‘topics’, which imo is the best way to send to multiple users at once, where you dont have a dedicated back-end processing notifications (ie: looping through device tokens and sending each one separately). Sending Push Notifications really is as easy as sending a HTTP Request and can be done from any device, including from the SAP Preview App.

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