Is new appgyver community edition for personal use only

hello community,
as we all know about recent changes in appgyver and SAP, i am confused if apps built using appgyver community will be only valid for personal use and individuals, or it can or cannot be used for a startup or company.

It can be used for, both, personal and professional/commercial purposes.

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But as I see, it says “for non enterprise use”

In that context, Enterprise = Corporate = Very Large Company

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@Bruno_Oliveira So what actually is a very large company in this case, a particular valuation threshold or something

AppGyver used to differentiate businesses with Annual Revenue above US$ 10 million as enterprise customers. SAP might have a different parameter.

Anyway, the white-label apps deployed with SAP Build Apps Community Edition (former AppGyver) for iOS, Android or Web have no known technical limitations regarding number of users or final commercial purpose. They only offer little to no support.

If you would like to have high level support and can afford it, SAP has many options starting, I believe, at US$ 1 thousand / month. I believe they might somehow monitor app usage and map who they deem to be enterprise customers in order to keep in touch directly and offer special features, so I wouldn’t worry about that.


Good explanation.

This forum fills the gap

Theoretically so. :slight_smile:

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