Is there a problem with Get Device Token?

A simple button with Get device token or Get firebase device token… Returns nothing! Always an error “Could not get device token”!
However, I am certain that before it did return a token!? What am I doing wrong?

I do not know if it will help you but if you are sure that before the token was returned. Why not go back with the history f the composer.

Before… in a previous application…
There in this one, which is almost finished… I was planning to start the development of the notifications yesterday… And there just the simplest part, recovering the token… Nothing! It’s very annoying… I wonder now if it doesn’t only work in published applications!?

This is the problem, you often have to do, test, redo, test, … :sweat_smile:

My God…
That was good, it only works when compiled into an APK… It doesn’t work in the simulator.
Once and for all work should be done to re-write a complete and detailed up-to-date documentation regarding notifications

If you think it lacks elements to fully understand this tutorial:
It would be interesting to share it with the Appgyver team.

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Typically, the fact that we must compile the application to be able to retrieve the token is not specified in this documentation.

Amen on that. Even some basic docs in understandable language would be nice.

Crazy, isn’t it. I wasted an entire day of my time with that mess, too. It’s like coming man. Have some basic decency for your developers aappgyver.

@Mevi, Maybe you have a little time for that.

Hi all,

It is a challenge to provide up-to-date documentation about 3-d party integrations, as they are rapidly changing without our control. Although, we will be updating the push notifications article shortly, since this seems to be a popular topic.

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Furthermore, the main reason why it is not possible to use push notifications in the preview app, is because that would not include your application logo and name. In a way, all notifications would be from the Preview app.
A built app can show its own notifications, just how it would be done in production.

tl;dr: Notifications in the preview app cannot reflect the final state of the app.

Obviously the subject here is just to specify that the token can only be recovered after having compiled and not in the simulator. It wastes a few days each time someone is confronted with the problem before understanding. We think we made a mistake since the get token returns an error.

I see. As I said, we will update the documentation to reflect this information.