Is there a tutorial for how the Verge app was built in the intro on your website?

It looks a lot like what I’d like to build using AppGyver, wondering if there’s any more info other than what’s available in that intro video?

I think that “small, purpose-built apps” is what AppGyver is currently most useful for. Tackling large complex projects is maybe out of reach for most, but I can see a lot of people thinking they could use it for single purpose problems, both to solve the problem and to dip their toes and learn how it all works.

Sorry, we don’t have a tutorial on how the Verge app is built :frowning: We are currently working on adding more tutorials though, but an app like Verge can take tens of hours to build with everything included, so a full tutorial on an app like that is unlikely, I think. We will, however, have tutorials for quicker and smaller apps.

If you have any specific questions, I’ll gladly help!

Can you share a bit more on the specific functionalities you’d like to see covered, so we could take that input into our tutorial backlog?