Is there a tutorial on how to make a complete app with OnDevice Storage?

I have a small app that I want to use on-device data storage ONLY. Sınce there a no schemas like in the REST API methods I need to learn how to do that? Can someone help?

Actually, there are schemas for on-device storage. Data → Add Data Resource → On-device storage. Setup your schema there.

Once you’ve done that, you can use Create Record, Get Record, Update Record, Delete Record for your local CRUD operations for that data resource.

I’ve created a journal app by only using on-device storage so that users can CRUD data. So to your question, yes it can work. What you need to be careful tho, is the updating the app and bringing new features. Any change in data structure for example, should always be backwards compatible or users might face errors.

I have a follow-up question. Can I provide On-Device Data Resource that is actually filled by me? Let’s say that I have a book app, I want all the book data to be there locally so users can just download the app and do not use internet connection.

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And also along these lines…
I have an app where a lot of the data is static.
i had thought about letting a user dl a product catalog to his device. Then all the queries wouldn’t have to be online and hit my server.

Let’s say it was an auction companion.
When you start the app you can dl the catalog and some images to local storage. As you are searching for items and viewing details you’re basically offline. Would be faster I’d imagine and not subject to connection issues.

Does this sound reasonable?

Thank you. I have figured it and can use it now but the main problem is there are no places to see the recorded data. I am currently testing the app and entered some dummy data but I can not see all data in one place. Do you have a solution to that?

Use the preview app and fire up the debugger page. This will allow you to see the state of all your variables. Even a complex variable like a list of objects will let you browse through the data and inspect it all:

Thank you this is exactly what I am looking for but I CAN NOT CONNECT TO THE DEBUGGER it continues to spin and spin and spin??? If that is the right place?

A note I found here says that both the debugger computer and the preview app device must be on the safe Wi-Fi network for it to make a connection.

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Correction: same local network (not necessarily WiFi). I can use the debugger successfully even though my computer is running ethernet (wired) to my router and my mobile device (running preview app) is on my WiFi.

Hello Alpborcek-

Yes, check out the following Todo U-Tube video that shows you how to create a Todo App with client side storage.

Good luck!

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can you describe how to do the same thing, but with images picked from library? the tutorial is good, but for begginers is hard to understand because of the low quality