Is there a tutorial on how to setup notification on phone

Hi, I am trying to send notification when there is a change , is there a tutorial on how to set this up?

Push notifications are currently only available on the AppGyver Black enterprise plan, but we do have them on the pipeline for the free tier too – the difficulty is that without a Backend-as-a-Service product to match, you need to code your own backend for handling device registrations and push notification sending.

@Harri_Sarsa, I’m also very interested in push notifications.
I can code my own backend for handling device registrations and send the push notifications (e.g. using the OneSignal API and my backend).
But I need AppGyver to provide the functionality to show the push notifications.
Is there any ETA for releasing this feature.
It is a deal breaker for my app.

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The technical functionality is already there, but we just need to expose the raw device registration API, plus then enable you to configure the necessary options in the build service so that the app binary you build can actually receive the pushes.

I created a tracker feature request for this but no ETA yet unfortutanetly – we’re working on a new version of the client runtime now, but once that’s out in the coming weeks, we’ll be able to place more of the requested features on a timeline. In the meantime, we can consider building a push-capable app for you manually as a one-time thing – please drop an email to with details of your project and we’ll see what could be done!


@Harri_Sarsa Hi, your answer always helps me a lot. Thanks.
By the way, I want to register my app to FCM for push notification. Is there any way to do it?
Tutorial here is what I want to do:
(It seems that I need to add some code into build.gradle file.)

My app lacks 1 thing. PUSH notifications. And presently, it seems to be too much effort to do it on IOS alone and then again on Android (less important).

Hi! The push notification tutorial can be found here. You need to have your own backend and set up certificates and other preparations required by Apple and Google, but the Composer side logic doesn’t need to be done several times for different platforms.

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will this be implemented in future also at appgyver cloud at free plan? Or will this stay as premium feature?

Hi! The solution provided in the tutorial linked above is free :slight_smile:

We’ve yet to finalize the free tier Backend-as-a-Service offering, so not sure yet if our eventual end-to-end solution will be free or not. We’ll keep everyone posted!