Is there a way to allow users to @mention one another?

Hi folks.

I’m a non-dev (with some prior no-code experience on Bubble) new to Appgyver and this forum. I’m wondering if there is a simple way to implement @mentioning of other users in my app. I’ve tried searching the forums but wasn’t able to find anything relevant. Appreciate your input!



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Hmmmmmmm I think this is possible, although I’ve never done anything like this before, and it’s not simple. You would need to start with to have the list of users available for all users on some level, such as a list of usernames with user ids for example (how you’d do this depends a lot on what auth you want to use).

Until we have third party plugin support, you could give “suggestions” of matching usernames when user types @ using something similar to my tag input component.

You’d have to think carefully about how to present these mentions in the data though, perhaps adding a separate field for user mentions in the data and just recognize @ starting mentions in the text, or something :thinking: Something similar to this?

Would this help you get started or at least answer your question?

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Thanks, Mevi! This sounds promising. I’ll give the tutorial a run-through as soon as I have some time. One quick question: Would it be possible with current components to present username suggestions in context? That is to say, could I present a contextual dropdown within a regular text input block as is done in most modern web applications (i.e. Twitter, Facebook)?

Yes, I’m doing something like that in the tag input component! See if that works for your purpose?

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