Is there a way to create algorithm formulas without syntax?

I’m not understanding the formula syntax, so I need to find a way to create algorithm formulas without syntax.

Hi! Not sure what you mean by syntax or algorithm formulas “without syntax”, but formulas require you to use their syntax. If you want to do something different, you can use the JavaScript flow function to write JavaScript to do what you need.

I’m speaking on formula function syntax. 1 type of formula I want to build is a ranking formula to order videos based on likes, dislikes & view time like YouTube’s algorithm formula. Does the Appgyver team plan on building a visual formula feature? I think I remember seeing a post here or on the roadmap about Appgyver creating a feature for us to visually create formulas without syntax.

Hi! Yeah we do have plans for a visual formula editor, but that’s still upcoming! I think ORDER is the formula you’ll want to be looking at :slight_smile:

Will new features be sold separately, or will there be an all-in-one plan?

Ummm… The visual formula editor will be part of the free community edition. And there’s only one tier for the features that are paid.

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That new feature has me super exited & I appreciate the Appgyver team adding that powerful new feature to the free plan. I’ll still want to be on the paid plan just to support the Appgyver team because you all are doing the no code & programming community a huge service. Does Appgyver plan on adding easy ways to add open source media players to play videos in our apps, or do we need to know how to code to embed open source media players such as VLC?

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Thank you for the appreciation :smile:

Mm you could google a little about react native video players – I think we will include one or two more plugins for playing video, but I haven’t decided which one or ones yet. And then with third party plugin support you can also choose for yourself if you prefer a different one.

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How would I integrate a React Native video player in composer pro? I can’t find any video players in Appgyver. The only plugin I can find about video is open video player, but I can’t find any instructions on how to use it. The main video player I’ve been looking at is VLC. I want to build an enhanced version of YouTube, so a great video player that can handle 4k high quality videos & streams will be essential. The new visual formula feature will help a lot too because I want to build an enhanced version of Facebook’s, YouTube’s & Googles ad network.

Hi! We are currently working on enabling third party plugin support – it’s been coming for a long time, but we currently have the first versions in internal testing. It’ll still take some weeks or months until that will be out.

We will be including a video player ourselves too, but if you have specific needs you can search for “React Native video player” and see what you find. It’ll need some light coding to be included in Composer – including configuring it according to a template we will provide and publishing to npm, as far as I’ve understood – so some familiarity with React Native and TypeScript is necessary.

React Native should be very familiar to me by that time because I’ll be finished with the CS50 computer science course soon, next I will buy full stack courses to learn HTML, CSS, Javascript, node JS, React Native, along with other coding languages, frameworks & more.

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