Is there a way to detect whether the device not not have enough memory allocated to read a file user tries to upload

…so that we can prevent a user from seeing the scary default debug.xml screen, we need to be able to monitor the current ram our app is using.

In any coded app this is easy, and there are built in apis wrapped in react native as well, but there is no documentation that I have been able to find which covers how to access these values in appgyver.

If they cannot be accessed, what can we do to make sure as much memory as possible is available before trying to perform memory-intensive tasks, such as picking a video file from files???

Would cleaning image cache help???

Update: since Android O makes your app also use the native RAM (at least for Bitmaps storage, which is usually the main reason for huge memory usage), and not just the heap, things have changed, and you get less OOM (because the heap doesn’t contain bitmaps anymore,check here), but you should still keep an eye on memory use if you suspect you have memory leaks. On Android O, if you have memory leaks that should have caused OOM on older versions, it seems it will just crash without you being able to catch it. Here’s how to check for memory usage:

val nativeHeapSize = Debug.getNativeHeapSize()
val nativeHeapFreeSize = Debug.getNativeHeapFreeSize()
val usedMemInBytes = nativeHeapSize - nativeHeapFreeSize
val usedMemInPercentage = usedMemInBytes * 100 / nativeHeapSize

But I believe it might be best to use the profiler of the IDE, which shows the data in real time, using a graph.

So the good news on Android O is that it’s much harder to get crashes due to OOM of storing too many large bitmaps, but the bad news is that I don’t think it’s possible to catch such a case during runtime.

EDIT: seems Debug.getNativeHeapSize() changes over time, as it shows you the total max memory for your app. So those functions are used only for the profiler, to show how much your app is using.

If you want to get the real total and available native RAM , use this:

val memoryInfo = ActivityManager.MemoryInfo()
(getSystemService(Context.ACTIVITY_SERVICE) as ActivityManager).getMemoryInfo(memoryInfo)
val nativeHeapSize = memoryInfo.totalMem
val nativeHeapFreeSize = memoryInfo.availMem
val usedMemInBytes = nativeHeapSize - nativeHeapFreeSize
val usedMemInPercentage = usedMemInBytes * 100 / nativeHeapSize
Log.d("AppLog", "total:${Formatter.formatFileSize(this, nativeHeapSize)} " +
        "free:${Formatter.formatFileSize(this, nativeHeapFreeSize)} " +
        "used:${Formatter.formatFileSize(this, usedMemInBytes)} ($usedMemInPercentage%)")