Is there a way to make application switch for offline/online mode according to network availability

Hi guys,
I am working on an application for field works for NGOs working in refugee camps, the area in which the application will be used has limited mobile network coverage, so the users could lose the internet connection many times during application usage.
I am using now the offline storage and wonder if the synchronization with online could be automatically done when the internet connection is restored.
or the other case should i depend on the offline mode and then manually make synchronization option for the user to submit the data to the database?
any other solutions please?

Hi @Iyad_Helwani – it’s possible to do the sync automatically, but if connection is very flaky, you might want to give the user the option to manually synchronize when they know connection is strong enough to avoid any disruptions. You can use systemVars.networkStatus to determine the network status of the device:

I discussed a similar question in this thread:

Thanks Mari, that was really helpful !

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