Is there a way to see where/if a variable or data resource is being used?

When making changes to the logic / data structure, I frequently run into the problem that I don’t remember all the places where the variable/resource/schema I just changed/replaced is being used, and then I have to hunt down all the instances of it. Is there any way to A) see a list of all the nodes/elements/formulas where a particular variable or data source is being reference? Or at least B) find out whether or not a variable / data source is being referenced anywhere at all (binary yes/no)?

A is definitely preferable, but even B would be a big help.


We have an idea on how to make this better in the future, but a “bird’s eye view” is still a long way off in the future of our plans, unfortunately.

Your best friend at the moment is having good practices on where/how to position logic/data. At AppGyver after struggling with this a lot we gravitate towards placing whatever logic we possibly can on the global canvas (which means using app variables a lot), and then triggering it via custom events. Another ok place to place logic is on the root of the page, as it’s easy to find.

Data variables ofc have to have some minimal logic, but I prefer to do the data fetching (and storing to app variable) on the global canvas and then only fetching from the app variable on the data variable canvas.

Avoid placing any complex logic under any component if you can, rather trigger events or do very simple page/app var changes only. If you want to place logic under a component, at least it should be a fairly obvious component, like a save button.

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Hi Mevi!

Any update on this “bird’s eye view”?


Unfortunately it’s not in our plans at the moment. There are some improvements planned for how to show which components have logic and which ones don’t though :thinking:

Thank you for the update Mevi.