Is there a way to update repeated items?

Hi. I have a container that has 3 buttons. Each button is fed from a Data Variable and the container is repeated depending on how many rows are in the underlying table in the REST API like table.
I can add an alert to the button press and get the details for that iteration of the button… however, I cannot figure out how to update the value of that button.
I have used a variable on the button and updated it, but every iteration of the button repeated is updated that way.
Is there a way to update the value of just one of the buttons?

Unfortunately not, at least not in the old runtime. (I haven’t been able to use the new runtime yet.) The way I get around this for my own app is to just make a lot of individual data variables (data.row0, data.row1, etc.) and bind them to entries in the data collection (data.ListOfRows[0], data.ListOfRows[1], etc). Then I manually make my own individual buttons, which are only visible if their associated data variable is not empty. It’s more work initially but avoids the constant blinking/re-rendering on the user end. I realize that with lots of data this might not be feasible for you, though, and I definitely agree that it’s frustrating!