Is there a way to uplaod PDF from my app and send to Xano Database?

I’ve currently given the option to upload images from the gallery or click using the camera and then convert them to base64 text to upload on my Xano database. But now I want to give an option to upload PDF documents and save them to the Xano database. Xano has the option to get input as any attachment(pdf, doc, mp3 etc.) but I’ve no option to define the document type in the Data Resource Schema in Appgyver. Please help me out, as I’ve my app ready to launch, only if this PDF upload option works out, it’ll great UX enhancement for my app.

There is certainly a way, i havent tested, but i know that for firebase there is this function, maybe for xano you can use the upload function. you can test

Actually I’m not using firebase, I’m using xano for database, it will be very helpful if you can tell me the solution for it.

hi again, as i told you im not sure if those functions only work for firebase, but you can test it

I’ve tried that solution but unfortunately it didn’t work.

@Mari @Mevi Can you please help in this, or can you let me know if this is possible or not?
It will be very helpful.

Hi @Sanket_Pathak, maybe this thread from the Xano community could be useful for you. It has a solution for uploading a file as base64.

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Thanks a lot @Mari
BASE64 conversion is working though it would have been better if we were able to upload direct documents.