Is there a way to use an "if Condition" for anything other than Boolean logic?

Hey All!
Having a blast with AppGyver.
I’m wanting to implement a dropdown list for users to select an option.
I’ve got the drop down on the page,
I have it set to a custom list of options.
The problem I am having is being able to test for the option that was chosen by the user.
I can set a TF condition “On Tap” for the dropdown list and use an if condition to test if a user has "tapped " the dropdown list.
But I am at a loss as to how to test for the actual value that the user has selected. As far as I can tell all you can do with an IF Condition is test for T/F
Normally I would want to:
if (some_variable_that_holds_ text) == (certain value) then do this…
perhaps there is something that I am missing, or a way to get those values out of that drop down that I simply don’t realize how to do.
Looking forward to finding a solution soon.
Thanks in advance,

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I believe the whole idea around the IF condition is that it evaluates to true or false. Using a formula you should be able to get extremely creative with evaluating different scenario’s.

In the example below I am testing to see if the user has selected “One” in my dropdown. If they have then it shows the Yes text and if not then it show the No text. I am storing the selected value in a page variable called DropdownChoice. I can then evaluate this variable using IF conditions in formulas, the If Condition flow function, etc.


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Thanks so much going to try it right now

Cool! Let me know if you run into an issue. I think the main thing is creating a Page Variable and then setting the Dropdown Value to that page variable so you can access it later.

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Hey Adam, I’m Supper Happy to report that because of your help I was able to get the logic to do what I wanted for my app! ( changing tunings based on user input)
Here’s a quick peek at my app

Thanks again for clarifying the usage of Binding Formulas to If Conditions, it was just what I needed to get this project finished


That looks pretty sweet! Glad it worked out for you!

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So cool! That looks like your app will be a blast!

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