Is there a way we can please add an icon which utilizes the full area of the Android icon specs in order to comply with Android requirements?

If you notice all the high quality apps utilize the full width and height of the new Android icon area. But no matter the icon we add, appgyver shrinks it down to only utilize the center with no way to configure the background color. This makes our apps look generic to users and sets it up for failure from the very first interaction with a user.

Has anyone figured out a workaround for this yet?

Hi, could you show me a screenshot of the topic so that I can better understand your question? Thank you very much.

I figured it out but it only works for the androids which use the fully round icons. We are actually supposed to submit different sizes but it seems appgyver shrinks all icons down to only utilizing the forefront rather than the background of icon area

Now I understand what you mean. Thank you very much for your response.