Is there a webview tutorial?

I can’t find documentation or a tutorial on using a webview.

I’ve set up a page with a webview with a simple known URL:

When the page opens, nothing shows up:

Am I missing something basic?

Sorry for the tag, this and another thread, plus a support email a week ago have gotten no replies. Any help?

@Mevi @Harri_Sarsa

Hi! What device are you using for the preview? I tried the twitter link with webview using both Android and iOS and had no problem viewing it :thinking:

I download the AppGyver app from AppStore where I can scan the QR code you found in the “Launch” tab. Download, scan and from the app you can open your project from a menu. All your different projects will be visible to start on your device.

Alternative use “Open app preview portal”.

Yes, but what device is the screenshot from with the empty WebView? The component should work in the preview on mobile devices, but not in the browser.

Both the web preview and mac app. Neither work

I just tried iOS and it also doesn’t work. Just shows a blank page.

@Mari Did my screenshots look correct? Could you perhaps bullet list the steps/items/etc required to set up the most basic web view?


@Jaym nothing seems off with the setup, you’ll just drag it to the canvas, add the URL and you should be good to go – I did that with the exact same Twitter URL and it worked :thinking: Did you make any other changes to the component (property or style/layout wise), do you have something else on the page, did you change any of the page layout settings?

Nothing that I’m aware of

works on a new project. can’t tell what the difference is. a bit frustrating

Ok, it was making the height 100%. Is this bug or a misunderstanding of how it works, and otherwise, how do I make it full screen?

Is there a difference between a web view and “open in safari view but inside the app” sort of thing?


@Jaym Did you ever get an answer to this? I’m also trying to get a full screen web view and failing. I had the same problem you did when I set the height of the web view component to 100%. As long as I set it in px the view works as expected though not the size I want.

I haven’t. It might be a bug, but it’s hard to get a response here.

Hi @Jaym @Todd_Huish – you can use system variables to determine the height of the screen in px, and bind the value with a formula to the height of your web view component: System variables reference - Composer

Thank you @Mari !

Just in case anyone else runs across this and wants an easy answer here are the screenshots to make this a reality.


@Mari Just to tag onto this, is there a way I can change the color of the cancel button in my webview component, it’s currently a white button on an almost white background and I can’t find where to update the colour?

It’s in both Android and iOs

That is the “Open Web Browser” flow function, not the Webview view component. But yes, I have been complaining about that white “Cancel” lettering forever.

@JOHN_WORSHAM yes 100%, sorry I Mis-named it but yes the white cancel button is infuriating