Is there an AppGyver equivalent to server-side Session Variables?

I am specifically looking for a way to use secure server side variables.

Thanks in advance for any insights.

Did you solve this issue. I have the same need.

Alas no I did not.
However, I believe that the firebase security is strong enough so I made the bet that an app variable would do the job without compromising the data.

I was trying to avoid another point of failure with FireBase.

Have you looked at this? I just started to read about private variables.

Private variable are like data or page variables but for building components. So they live (and work) only within the framework of a component.
Not to be confounded with “server side variables”.

Understand server side vars. I was trying to hide the REST API keys and not have them in the browser. Either server side or otherwise.

do you know if private variable values show in an inspect source of the web app?
It seems to imply they are separate from the app.

Some info that may help:—-don’t-do-this

Thank you. I have seen it before I’ll review again but from what I remember NO is the answer for any part of the app.

Are you starting with Appgyver?
What are you trying to build?
Be aware that most components are buggy, half baked, non intuitive to set up. If your app requires many sophisticated features, brace yourself, you may spend a full week trying to figure out how a seemingly simple component works.
The team is unavailable (as you can see from my post, I got no answers) and only a handful of very helpful members can really help.

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Yeah I know. I have been building since April . I gave up on answers in the form for the most part. I don’t get replies either.

I actually found it to be quite solid for what I am doing but I am only using it for a web app to read api and create visuals of percent scores from the data.

I have built several routines that run 24/7 pulling data and summarizing it to the screen. I had plenty of learning curve. I think I spent a month on the MAP formula before it hit me how to use. Another week or so building and processing arrays. mainly understanding how to Gert data from one object to another and perform a formula. Lots of learning and failing.

I was wondering if the SAP BT version would be better with support etc.
I thought they were going to offer a $10 usd a month type account but I have not found how to get that. I have not looked lately. Have you?

I have not looked at the SAP BT version. No time and afraid of an even steeper learning curve.

I’m an amateur fairly familiar with the rudiments of programming. But I have found Appgyver unexpectedly hard to “wrap my head around.” The way things are done are not obvious to me. But, I think I am slowly getting the hang of it. Your (@Fred_Kuzyk) forum posts are often quite helpful. Thanks!

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