Is there an easy way to send an SMS using REST API?

I am trying to integrate Twilio SMS API, but I could not figure out an error that kept me struggling for hours. If there is anyone with knowledge to accomplish this please do share.

There are many services but most require you to be a company you can find more here

Thank you for the response.
But the thing I am clarifying is how the process goes? I am actually new to this and trying to figure out what I am doing wrong and if someone else has done something like this I would like to know a How-To accomplish this.

ok i see, with the service im using, its not something complicated, its just a url that you put in the HTTP function and every time you use the function, it sends an sms

thank you @Dimos_Vamvourellis.

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@Mohamed_Fathih I have a good amount of experience with the Twilio API. What specific error are you getting?

Basic steps though…

  1. Create a Rest API direct integration Data Resource
  2. Name it Twilio or whatever
  3. Use “$TWILIO_ACCOUNT_SID/Messages.json” as your Resource URL and make sure to insert your own Twilio Account SID
  4. Create an HTTP header for Basic Authorization
  5. Enable the Create Record (Post) method
  6. Setup the schema to contain the Body, To and From fields
  7. Pass in the data and it should send a message when it posts

Reference How to Use Our REST APIs | Twilio for more details. They have great documentation.