Is there an issue with Row Cell Width shrinking?

I notice that the Cell width of one of my Row components actually shrunk to the size of the Text component inside of it. This is no good, I need those Cell widths to remain a constant width no matter what the width of the contents inside of it.

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Hi, there’s a known issue that the cells do not adhere to their set widths, we’ve identified the source of the problem and it is on the backlog to be fixed.

This known bug is still not solved. According to the bug tracker, it’s on the dev backlog (Row cells ratio | Voters | AppGyver).

The bug makes rows in repeat look very ugly now: :anguished:

Just hope that @timo.kapanen hunts the bug down really soon :cowboy_hat_face:

Just ran into the trouble again. To show the issue precisely, I created a project just with the buggy rows here: AppGyver - Composer Pro → project 350809

Please see a screenshot of the buggy rows. All settings are default except the border color of the cells.



The issue was solved today with a new platform release :grinning:

Thank you, @timo.kapanen !

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Maybe solved yours - but ruined my row component. I put button in row component with transparent background - now buttons are black!!!