Is there any possible way to simply repeat a list of image urls in appgyver?

i can never repeat a list of texts and i do not understand why

Depends on how do you save those urls? Is it a single string, what is the “limiter” of each url, are they a list of texts??

If it is a string that has a separator, let’s say “,” then you can use this formula in the repeat:

MAP(SPLIT(myText, ","), {value: item})

What does it do?

  1. splits your text into a list of texts
  2. since you can only repeat with a list of objects in the MAP formula we create a list of objects from the list of texts.
  3. Now you can repeat with your list of texts, just use the “value” property that we created in the MAP transform formula
  4. To supercharge this, you can use the “rich text” view component from the marketplace to even format those URLs to rich text and make them clickable in a super easy way.

Cheers, and hope you’re in your good mood recently.


I made a video on repeating text and images that users posted. In this I show how to repeat images from urls stored in Firebase. I show the portion about repeating images with urls at 36:35 (below).

Video: Make A Social App For Free - Organizing Posts - YouTube

All your videos are great but there are no tags associated to them so they are hard to find when searching a specific topic like this one :point_up_2:
If I were you, I’d post each video on this forum with associated keywords relevant to the topics and concept evoked in the video. Easy to find and a great way to promote your channel too.

I tried tags in youtube but they dont fuction as well, great idea thank you!

thank you i did see this and it helped