Is there any throttling applied for the builds with the platform build service?

Wondering if there is an issue with the platform build service? Web applications builds stay queued for many long hours until their build is processed. Sometimes a build results in errors, sometimes it goes through;
As a result I must launch 2 or 3 of them (different app version) for the same app to get at least one successful build as it takes 4-8 hours to get any result.

Is this on purpose ?

Does it affect only web builds or iOS and Android too? I remember builds took less than 10 minutes when I was actively developing stuff on this platform. It seems like a bug or feature from SAP.

Similar here…for 2 days, now.
Android Builds: ~8h
iOS Builds: ~30min.

Just out of curiosity, I exported one of my apps from Appgyver and imported it into SAP Build free tier account. Web app build time with runtime 4.7 was similar and SAP Build runtime 4.8 didn’t improve the speed at all. Possible advantage of SAP Build is, that there were no “non sense” out of memory and other errors during build. On the other hand you get only 2 builds per app, per platform with free tier. :slight_smile:

When mine get hung up I try to attempt a second build in a different runtime to “push it through”, I havent experienced a delay over 4 to 8 hours to my knowlege.