Is there any way how I can manipulate data using JS in AppGyver (page.vars, local DB, app.vars etc.)

Sometimes it is not convenient and sustainable to use some basic logic blocks. Even though we can use Formula, its functionality is limited. Also, I use about 50 different logic blocks on one trigger in some cases, which is hard to maintain and organize. In this case, that would be great if we had some internal JS methods that manipulate data in the page.vars, app.vars, local DB, and so force. As I have multiple forms inside one page, I want to delete all the records after, so I have to use many different blocks to delete records one-by-one, which takes a lot of time for the user. Using some internal JS methods will not only increase AppGyver functionality, but also make it more sustainable and organized.

Also, we need to have an opportunity to edit the internal DB directly, not the DB we get after getting the DB collection. That is because you can’t make any manipulations with it since you don’t change anything in the actual DB.

So, my question is: Is there any way how I can manipulate data using JS in AppGyver (page.vars, local DB, app.vars, etc.). The most interesting part is about internal DB since I need to delete/update all records in it after clicking on the button. Even if I will be forced to use cycle in JS, let it be so.

You can use custom a JavaScript logic flow function and use any data as input, for instance, an app variable:

Here it is on the logic canvas:

Here are relevant docs: Custom JavaScript - App logic

Hi, thank you for the responce. Is there any way I can manipulate with internal DB in JS? For instance delete all records or update all records in particular field?

Internal DB? There is no internal database in AppGyver.
If you mean a local database, that is not possible I am afraid, as Composer cannot make requests to local DBs (like etc)

Updating & deleting records is done via a logic flow function.