Is there anyway to debug crashes from the Play Console?


We have just published our app in Play Store (wish us luck guys… :rofl:) :

We are noticing there are some crash reports in the Play console with the following message:

Any idea what might be causing that? It might be similar to behaviour on the preview app when every now and then the app crashes randomly. Any advice on debugging direction would be helpful.


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Hi! Congrats on your app being live!

I’m sorry to say I don’t know tools for debugging those types of crashes - you could try googling a little if in general the crashes from Google Play are debuggable, or if there are tools for that.

How many of these crashes are you getting? Are you able to get any info from your users as to how they run into these crashes?


We still need to do more digging in the Google Console to better understand the stats. I have been doing demos and testing with some users and I just see that sometimes the app just shuts off, without any error. I was not able to associate yet any particular behavior causing a crash.

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Hmm, those kind of crashes are the most difficult ones to try and figure out :thinking: Let me know if you find out anything more.

I would hope that in general our performance and stability will be better once our 2.X client is stable, but that still takes a while.