Is there way to repeat a card with the formula bringing every user, and its properties as shown in the screenshot?

I could actually do it, but it’s repeating for the current user.

Is there a way to put a single record’s properties within the card, attach a unique objectId to the card and repeat the card until all objectIds in the backend have been shown?

For clarity, within each card, I have a row of 2 column containing a title each, and the bottom part containing a paragraph. As shown:

I know we can repeat it for list, but I think for such a case here, the inputs are encapsulated within a card.

I got a feeling it has to do with composite component properties but not too sure. Will try.

Anyone knows how to work around this? Appreciate it!
Many thanks!

I could achieve the top row of users and property 2 with list item! :smiley:

Is there any way to insert another paragraph under the list item and show property 3?

My aim is just show the 3 properties, it doesn’t need to be a card having 2 titles and a paragraph.