Is this possible? Connecting multiple backend sources in Appgyver

Hi guys!

Appygyver seems great, although it’s been a great learning curve (and it still is) as someone who can only do HTML & CSS (and a bit Java).

Anyway, I have 2 different API sources, which I would like to combine to fetch data.
Concrete example:
-I use Bubble as the backend for the authentication system (user name, password & user ID)
-I use a spreadsheet (via Sheety) as another backend, because there are some values for the users that are automatically updated via sheets everyday.

Is it possible to fetch data for a user out of the spreadsheet API, while using the Bubble API for authentication?

Thanks for your help!

Yes, I think. I have never do it on my own.

You can call the bubble API for authentication and save the authToken that you get from the auth API.
Call the spreadsheet API without any authentication, since you already authenticate the user via the bubble API.

If spreadsheet API requires authentication then you need to call the Sheety API when the user tries to login or signup