Is this web page possible?

This is a simple web page that I hope is possible in appgyver.

I thought that the big box would be a rich text editor.

I have started to create an app and got this far…

However when I open the rich text editor on the phone, it opens in a seperate page and is blank. No toolbar, no buttons, nothing to control the text formatting or to save/cancel the input.

Also I read somewhere in the forums that the rich text editor is not compatible with a web page, so what would your advice be please?


Hmm, I have to check if the Rich Text Editor is not working correctly anymore, but it does open in a separate window in any case. If you want one that doesn’t, a third party plugin (and our support for third party plugins which is still upcoming) would be required. Same goes for web.

However, a similar solution to what this forums has could perhaps be possible if you built it yourself. It would basically be a multi-line input box with a high height with icons on top that would apply markdown into the text using formulas… The difficult part would be that we don’t at the moment have the means to know it the user selected part of the text (that they would want bolded for example), so I don’t know if it would be a nice enough user experience.

Hi Mevi
I cannot find a multiline text box component, even in the marketplace, only the rich text component, which does not allow typing into, Therefore I tried to use the rich text flow component, which opens in a separate page (a bit clumsy) but also did not display any buttons therefore I could not save what I had typed into it. From your comments this seems a little forgotten corner. When/if you get it going, it would be good to see one of your famous tutorials on it.

btw, I did come across a third party rich text editor, it is very good and free, called quill ( Quill - Your powerful rich text editor ( Could this be utilised by appgyver either via an API or in the javascript component. That is another one for the tutorial suggestion box, many of your customers would be very interested in that.


Hi! The input field itself has a multi-line property, but it does not grow as text is written: you have to set it a height. But it works for a multi-line input if that’s what you need.

I really want to have time to make tutorials again :disappointed: but it looks like I’ll be busy for a while still before I’ll be able to clear my calendar enough.