Is upload widget possible?

Can I add below script to any page? That will help me to add photos from phone to cloud storage…
Thanks a lot.

Upload files

Sorry no, there is no html/javascript pasting like this. However images can be uploaded to cloud storage by using e.g. the upload files flow function. See the tutorial here.

Unfortunately, this flow function is not working for IOS… Any other suggestion or solution is much appreciate…

Hi, upload files is working fine for me on iOS, so it’s not that the flow function does not work, but there’s something wrong in its inputs or somewhere else. Check that the file path is in the correct format for iOS, because I think there is a bug with pick files flow function providing the file path in the wrong format. Use pick image from library instead to get the correct format.

Hi, nice to hear that. Actually I use pick image from library on IOS device and there is no problem and I use Get bucket upload URLs just like in the tutorial on IOS device and there is no output… How do you manage to get an output from that step? That works on android very well but no luck for me on IOS…

The only thing that comes to mind is that the iOS device would not have been given the correct permissions… Check that your Preview app has Camera, Photos Read and Write and probably also Media permissions from the device’s settings. If you are building a standalone, make sure react-native-camera, react-native-image-picker and react-native-permissions plugins are included and that when you have installed the app and press the button for image upload, it prompts you for permission (if first time) and you have given permissions from the device’s settings.

But just in case you can’t find anything wrong there, here to show you my setup. There’s really nothing special about it, so yours should work as well, if your app has the permissions (and plugins).

Thanks a lot. I will try and share the result here…

Hmm, I tested again and it might be that it doesn’t work after all………… So probably it’s required to modify the path that comes from Pick image from library to exclude “file://” from it or similar. I’ll get back to you once it’s tested.

Alright. So obviously this problem will need to get fixed on our side – but for now you can fix the problem by taking away the file:// on iOS only in Get bucket upload URLs or before it with a formula like

SET_KEY(outputs[“Pick image from library”].imageFile,“path”,REPLACE_ONE(outputs[“Pick image from library”].imageFile.path,“file://”,""))

Yes. That worked… Thanks a lot… :+1: :+1: