Is uploading images from phone to cloudinary database possible?

Hi all, I would like upload photos from my phone to my cloudinary account. I already spend hours but couldnt figure out how to with upload file flow? I appreciate for any help…

Looking at their API docs quickly, the Upload files flow function would require a bit of development to support Cloudinary’s API spec.

However, you should be able to upload the file first to AppGyver’s S3 bucket by following the tutorial at and then passing the download URL as the file parameter for Cloudinary – would that work?

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Thanks a lot for your prompt response. Actually I tried a lot but couldnt succeed to follow that tutorial. Finally I tried very simple flow to get s3 link I see it but not working ??

Hello guys,

This is bit delayed, but I just figured out uploading to Cloudinary and found this post - so I wanted to share.

My apologies if my method is an ugly hack, appreciate idea on how to make it better.

My images uploaded by users are all intended to be public so I was fine with public availability and created an “unsigned” preset (allowing for externally defined file ID and turning off unique filenames):

I have also disabled versioning of URLs (not sure though it his was essential)

With above setting, you can upload files to your Cloudinary account as test using the following curl command:

curl<code of your preset>&public_id=<intended_file_name> --upload-file Capture.JPG

Not providing public_id parameter, will cause Cloudinary to generate one, which is returned in response to the command above, but there was no way to capture this response via “Upload file” as it provides only output in a format defined by Appgyver.

As a workaround I used GENERATE_UUID to assign UUID to page variable “newImageUrl” and used it later as part of upload URL in “Upload file” module:

This way you will know that your uploaded file will be available under :<your account name>/image/upload/UUID

Hope that helps!

Thanks a lot. I figured out how to use Appgyver cloud storage to get url to upload cloudinary but now unfortunately pick files - images is not working at IOS. It is working well for android. Any idea why?

By the way, may I ask that how did you managed to send image from phone with above mentioned code? Actually, ı couldnt find a way to send it without converting the image file to a web url which is very difficult…

We’ve identified the root cause for the iOS issue and working on it.
In the meantime you could try “Pick image from library” on iOS if it helps. Token: Gb8qNMQdcpJNK28QDt1vzg

Thanks a lot . That solved the image selection problem but still on IOS, uploading image to cloudinary is not possible. I generate image web url of an image in my phone via appgyver cloud storage tutorial method and I upload it via my cloudinary post api. That works for android very well but not working for IOS. Unfortunatelly I couldnt find a way to solve that problem at all??
Any help very much appreciated…

Can you share a link to the page in your app you’re trying to do this so we could take a look and debug?

Sure. ID: 97500 page 5.

Icon button 2 flow is working for android but not for IOS unfortunatelly.
Thanks a lot.

The flow looks alright – what are the steps for me to test it in the app? Have you used the Debugger to see what is the failing node in the flow?

Yes. That flow works on android device. But when I try on an IOS device, not working… I couldnt find any reason for that? Any advice?

I tried opening the app on my iOS device and I got it running, but I couldn’t find the functionality. Can you provide step-by-step instructions on what to click after opening the app?


By the way could you help me to use debugger please? I couldnt find how to open it unfortunatelly…
Thanks a lot.

To open the debugger, you need to navigate to your app listing in AppGyver Preview, click your email address then select Connect to Debugger – see for a tutorial video!

I found the logic in Composer, but how do I run it in the app?

Ok steps:

  1. After click icon2, you select Picture from phone’s photo gallery
  2. Sending to appgyver cloud storage to create and get image url
  3. Sending this image url to cloudinary via cloudinary post api (ex: with basic authorization)
  4. Open an other page

As you may see step 3 is not working at IOS. I believe the image url that I get from appgyver is not ending with image extension like .jpg or .jpeg. That affects the upload (post api) on IOS but I dont know why…

Hi, any progress on that problem? I really appreciate if you suggest something… Thanks a lot. Ünver

We’ll try to get someone to find time to dive deeper into this ASAP!

Thanks a lot. :+1: :+1:

Unfortunatelly, using download URLs / Images (comes from AppGyver’s S3 bucket) to display images at IOS is not possible. That works on android very well. Any idea why? This is very crucial for my app. Thanks a lot.

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