Isolation mode works in one page and not in another

What am I doing wrong here?
On one page the container opens in Isolation mode, no problem.
On another page (in the same app-file) a new container just won’t open in isolation mode.
What could be the difference??
I double clicked on both container…

Only Composite components open in isolation mode. And regular Containers are not Composites which is why those won’t open in isolation mode.

You can read more about Composite components (and Containers) here and here.

aha! can I save a layout of a row?
because the reason I wanted to get in isolation mode, was to save this component, because I want to reuse it.

I read up on Composite components and I don’t understand why this (see screendump) is not a Composite component. (my goal is to be able to reuse what I made on other pages, so I want to save this - and so far I saved components via de isolation mode)
Can you help me out and tell me what makes my layout here with the rows -not- a composite component?

You haven’t yet turned that into a new view/composite component. So now basically you have many Primitive components within each other, but those aren’t considered as a composite component per se.

You can turn the container (and its content) to a view/composite compoent by pressing the icon indicated in this image:


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