Issue with build service


I have a strange issue with the build service: Sometimes, it builds with the old version instead of the one which I entered. (and sometimes the build screen opens with empty version numbers).
This is quite a pain as it significantly slows down the building and testing (validation only happens after upload to store)
Does anymore have similar issues?
Looks to me like the version infos are saved with an asynchronous service which is really slow…
Additional question: Which version of the app is taken for the build?
Could it be it takes the latest version from the point in time when the build actually starts?
From my pov, it would be better to take the version from when I press “build” so that I can continue developing in the meantime…



Just to clarify, by “version” do you mean the version number you have typed into the build settings (as in this screenshot)?

Screenshot 2021-03-12 at 10.16.05

If that is so, there shouldn’t be a case where this number is wrong, unless you change it after having already pressed build but before the build is ready :thinking: I haven’t seen that issue and I have done a lot of builds :confused:

I have also asked about taking a snapshot of the app when the build button is pressed, but unfortunately it is at the moment uncertain at what point in time the build version is taken from the app, since it only happens when the app builder starts to build that specific app. So I agree with you, but this isn’t prioritized as there are more important things for us to put our limited resources on.

Yes, I really mean the version. I change it, press build, and what I download has still the version of the older builds from time to time. Happened several times to me last week.

Hmm, I’ll keep an eye out on this one – if it happens let me know, and anything you can tell about the circumstances this happens in would help in reproducing this one :thinking:

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I have also had this issue but not on my last few builds.
I will keep an eye on it now and say if it happens again.

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Hi @Mevi, I think the bug is still around, my latest android app build was given the old version name and version code, although I had entered a new name and code.

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Ok now there’s an idea how this happens – this can only happen if you change the version number in the build form. The thing is, there are two requests, one of updating the version number to settings and one for queueing the build. The first one can get stuck or fail and the second one succeed. We will fix this bug when we can, but to avoid it, change the build number through the edit build settings button instead of the build button.

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