Issue with creating a variable within a repeated list

Hello guys,

I’m creating a cart screen where I want to show a repeating list of items pulled from an API, I created a static version and it worked perfectly, here’s a short video of how it should show.

However, when I’m struggling to create a private variable on the repeated list row level to show the counter of items and increment / decrement the quantity when pressing the +/- buttons respectively before it’s added to the checkout screen.

What I did is create a component from the row and add a custom property then tried to use “Set two-way property” but that didn’t work, I also tried to use a private variable and an output value with no luck as the value never gets updated. I checked in debug mode and the counter value is being updated properly but for some reason it’s not updating on the UI as it’s always showing the initial value.

I Would really appreciate your help on this, I’ve been stuck on this issue forever and did a lot of research but couldn’t find anything to solve it