Issue with Firebase Upload

Hi, I’m getting two different set of object properties while adding photos via camera and file picker. Eventually the Firebase Upload of image fails, only if a camera image is used. Please refer the image.

As you can see one is an array and another is an object.

Hi @Kaushik_Bhattacharya, are you using “Pick image from library” or “Pick files” flow? The latter outputs a list, since you can allow picking multiple files at a time.

Thanks for reverting @Mari. Using the later. I’m good now. But not being able to chose multiple file yet. Even if I chose multiple, it shows only one in my picker array. May be I’m doing something wrong while setting the picker array. You sure it can pick multiple files?

Hi, at least on iOS and web it works, don’t have an Android device at hand unfortunately. You can see what the output of the node is for example by alerting the Files output after the files have been chosen.

Ok. I would try and report.

Android Tested OK. Thanks again.

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