Issue with Line Breaks


“City: Manchester\nAddress: Sir Matt Busby Way, Old Trafford, Manchester, Greater Manchester, M16 0RA \nCapacity: 74,310\nStands: East, West (Stretford End), North (Sir Alex Ferguson) and South (Sir Bobby Charlton)\nTeams: Manchester United (Red/White/Black)\nRivalries: Liverpool, Manchester City & Leeds United\nTraditional End: West (Stretford End)\nAway Section: South East Quadrant\n”

Cant see why this isnt doing the line breaks.

It depends on the component you are using, as you did not provide what type of component you are using, I will give you some examples of how you can make those line breaks:

If it is the Title or Text component, you just copy the text and then you hit ENTER on each paragraph where you want the balance to be. Here are 2 images of how it looks in Composer AppGyver and a screenshot of how the final results look like.

Now, if you want something more professional, you can use the component “HTML rendere (beta)” and in case you do not know HTML, you can enter the HTML Textpad website and choose the desired language (It’s free) and paste your text there, then the result that gives you take and paste all the content in the HTML Component and it will give you more elegant results. Here I leave also 2 images of how it looks like:

IMPORTANT: The component “HTML rendere (beta)” if you will not see the results in Composer, you will only see the result in the mobile or web view.

If you have the text in a LOGICAL Component like “TOAST” you do the same steps of Title or Text, but it is more limited and many characters are not recommended.

If the text is in a LOGICAL Component like “ALERT” or “CONFIRM”, it is not recommended to make many line breaks, because it is more limited than “TOAST”.

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If the text is brought in from a database as a REST API, it makes changes to the text table and gives ENTER in the page break text and automatically the Title and Text component will give it the page break or paragraph effect.