Issue with page parameters

Hi Everyone,

I am new to appgyver and having trouble with the page parameter features.

I have an initial page “test” that uses a get API to pull back data records to display in a clickable list.

When you click on a record it will open a new page called “Todos” that will display the details of the record that was clicked.

In the tutorial that I am following the person selects Property of Data Item in Repeat to get the field it is passing. I do not have this option (see screen shots below). I tried passing a data variable but it isnt working. When I pass static text it is. My question is what value or object can I select to pass in the page parameters field to get this working?

The Project_Name parameter of the Todos page must be informed with Current_ID of the element to be opened.

Is Current_ID a system id for each record? When I create my data each record is created with a unique field called “ID” that is also used to create the document id in firebase. Is that what you are referring to?

DId you solve this? I am confused about this as well. Following tutorials to the letter (I’m not but I have covid brain) but meh.

If you don’t have data item in repeat, your elements is not in a list component.

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The “Data item in repeat” property appears under “Select binding type”: see screenshot.

The “Data item in repeat” option only exists for repeated components. If your component is not set to repeat, which is the case for all data adapter components, such as Basic List, you can’t use it. In the case of Basic List, you’ll have to use a formula like so:

The “id” in this case is the “id” field you set up when clicking on “Edit Configuration”.
I hope this helps you solve your issue!