Issue with previewer: objects Not showing up

I realized that this was not my doing because i did not change what i previously had. Objects show up fine on appgyver builder and its populating the data (tested with alerts) but the objects are not showing up in preview appgyver app e.g Images and text show blank spaces as if something is there but its not showing.


There were some issues with the new release but most of it has been fixed now. Are you still experiencing this problem?

I am having this exact problem on my index page. As soon as it gets to the thumbnail carousel, everything below shows up as blank. Should I create a new ticket? I was trying to find answers in here and this seems to be the closest.

Hi @Jeannette_Detwiler,

Can I get some more details about your issue:
Does the thumbnail carousel work?
What kind of components do you have under the thumbnail carousel?
Where does is show up as blank, in the Composer editor, the AppGyver app preview, or on web preview ( ?

I am no longer having that issue**

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1: The thumbnail carousel is not connected to anything yet, but the built in preview you can see in Composer doesn’t show up on the preview app or the web preview. Nothing shows up below it on the preview app, no matter where you move it. I have just started so there is no custom code yet.

2: It also stopped working in regular Appgyver preview today and I had to download the legend app. The google font I put in doesn’t show up in the legend app or the web preview, but does work in Composer.

Things below it are buttons, text, image, text, another thumbnail carousel, button, row with text, icons. This is the homepage.


Thanks for the info! The Legend app is an older version that does not support the new components, like image carousel, so I think that might be the issue with the Legend app. What do you mean with it stopped working in the regular AppGyver app, is it the same issue with components not showing or is the app not opening at all?

In my original post, it was the new AppGyver preview app. Nothing shows up in the app preview below the thumbnail carousel, like in the screenshot above.
Now, my app won’t open in app preview at all so I’m using legends, with the same issue, plus the font issue.

Please I am experiencing some issues with image components not displaying on the preview app. Although it shows up on the composer. Once I save the app and the preview app refreshes, I wont be able to view the image. So far it has been with only image