Issues on Performance


during the weekend I installed my app on a Samsung S7, but it was very slow and crashed all the time. I had a repeated list with aorund 40 items (which includes around 5 components).

Now I have a repeated list with around 80 items.
So I thought I need to do some optimization with one of my javascript code, where I upload all the items to my server. I have updated so I maintain a list of “ids which have changed” and do the following after an item has been updated:

Is there any way to see what is taking so long? Is it the rendering or the logic? And what can I do?

Thank you!

Hi Kerem, 40-80 items in a list doesn’t sound like that many to me that it could cause something like that, unless you are doing some very heavy operations on each of the items, e.g. working with large files. :thinking:

If you open the app in web preview in Chrome, right-click on the page and choose “Inspect”, you can see the requests your app makes to the server on the Network tab. Maybe check there if there is anything unusual going on (for example too many repeated requests or requests taking a very long time)?

Hi Mevi,

thank you for the hint, but my app does not work on Web Preview.

But I did some more tests. If there are less items it is not slowing down, so it might that I have to optimize something.
Maybe you can give me some hints:

So my list is binded to an app variable (list of objects). I have the following MAP-formula:
MAP(outputs["Get record collection"].records, { id:, ean: item.ean, name:, category: item.category, imgUrl: item.imgUrl, dates: item.dates, manuallyAdded: item.manuallyAdded, mhd: FIRST_ITEM(SORT(SELECT(item.dates, !IS_EMPTY(item) && item != "0000-00-00"))), categoryname: IF(IS_NULLY(item.category),"Keine", FIND_BY_KEY(appVars.categoryAppStorage, "id", item.category).category)})

In the repeated list I have multiple components with binded to formula. Here are the ones with the “complex” formula:
Image: IF(IS_NULLY(current.imgUrl) || IS_EMPTY(current.imgUrl), appVars.noimage, current.imgUrl)

Label: "Früh. MHD: " + IF(IS_NULLY(current.mhd), "",FORMAT_DATETIME_LOCAL(current.mhd,"DD.MM.YYYY"))

The others are only concat two string with a count() or with property of the object.

So, I do not see any parts which is very time consuming. Any idea?

I added a paging into the list, and it works now better :slight_smile:

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