Issues with data variables

Hi! I’d like some advice / help with regards to what I’m doing wrong. I keep getting one of these two errors when trying to link a data variable to my components. Ive currently set up my app to run with Firebase, and this works just fine. But I keep getting these errors and I have no idea what they mean or how to fix it. The thing is, my variable is neither a page /app level variable (its a data component) nor is it a composite component in isolation mode.

“Another component’s property or output value and other variable binding types that access the app-level or page-level context are not available in composite component isolation mode. Instead, you should define an appropriate composite component property and bind the variable to that property.”



Hi, it looks like you are trying to assign your list of objects directly to a text component, like the value of a paragraph, which causes the mismatch. If you’re looking to repeat components from your list of objects, check out this tutorial.

Hi Mari,

Thanks for the reply. Im trying to create a new record when I press the button that takes the value of whatever is in the paragraph above and binds it with one of my object properties. However this is giving me an error code. Im not sure why.

Hi, if you want to make the content of the paragraph available for use in the Create record node, create a page variable, bind it to the paragraph content and then you can use that variable in the record creation. :slight_smile: