Issues with File Access and Caching


I’m having issues with accessing and caching a file. I’m new to this platform (not to coding/programming, although I’m a bit rusty… did it for a decade, left it for almost a decade, and now I’m back!) so I’m not sure how to even start looking at this.

I have the following Logic:
Event: Page Mounted -> Cache: Cache File -> Filesystem: Read File -> [Profit!]

Cache File is throwing an error, and it’s an unspecified/unknown error. I was expecting to have issues on Read File, but I can’t even get Cache File to work.

Cache File is using a CSV that I published to the web from Google Drive (because I don’t have the resources at the moment to do anything better):

Is there something wrong with my Cache File input? Or is this an issue of Google Drive not wanting your published CSV to be accessed like this (and by a bot/spider)?