It doesn't appear on the device screen

Hello, I am trying to burn a picture from my computer image gallery. I select the image correctly but it doesn’t appear on the device screen. Even though I CANNOT see it, when triggering record, it records normally in Firestore. How do I preview the selected image before confirming the save?


So if I understand correctly, you want to display the selected picture in your app? You can display the picture in an image component by setting the image source to the path property of the selected image. Looking at your screenshots I’m not quite understanding if the page var imagem is a list of objects or an object.

Good evening Cecilia, thank you very much for your attention and response, but I will take a break with gyver, as I am having unusual difficulties and I am getting frustrated with this no-code platform, as I don’t get the tutorials right and the documentation doesn’t bother me help. I know the difficulty is with me, this platform is wonderful and complete, the documentation is great, the forums are responsive, but I will turn my attention to something I’m more familiar with to be happier, which unfortunately I can’t achieve using appgyver. Thanks.