It is possible to send messages without chat?

I am building an app where a client makes a service request. And the companies can send them a different option. The client will save the ones that he likes and delete the ones that do not. Is possible to make this type of function? Is like a chat app but is not a chat. Thanks

I understand what you mean, I also wanted something like a chat app in my app where users can communicate but that proved to be far too difficult (nearly impossible for me). The solution I did was making a “messages” table in my backend. It has the message, the user id (and name) of the person who wrote the message. And the user id of the intended recipient. Using post api calls messages are sent. The messages are stored in the database, and the messages can be taken from the database using a get collection api call. (with the recipient user id as a filter, so the companies only see the messages that are intended for them). The same can be done when the client receives the messages, however the client wouldn’t have to save the messages he wants to keep, because they will already be saved in the database, and you can make logic for a “delete record” api call to delete the messages he doesn’t want.

Hopefully this helped you.

You could use the below video as a start, and find a way to organize the chats better.