It would be nice, an option to Clone or duplicate pages as in the example of the image

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Please check the tracker if there is something like this feature request or not. If not please create it there so we can upvote and get it done. :smiley:

Oh, you did already, nevermind then. I just upvoted.

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Hello yes, in fact, the idea was taken out by @Luciano_Rodrigues. I made an example with a graph to complement, how good it would be in the future to have this option to clone a page. In the tracker we can vote from here for @Luciano_Rodrigues: Clone or duplicate Pages | Voters | AppGyver Community Edition

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In the meantime, here is a workaround:

Put all UI elements on your page into a single container and turn it into a new component. Then use “Publish to marketplace” to get a key and use that key to install your “page” anywhere. Afterwards, simply edit the container to apply desired changes.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:


Or simply put all the components in a container and then press CTRL + C, then it will be copied. So if you open a new page, click on page layout and paste using CTRL + V…