Item on tap embebed map

I have several markers rendered on a map with the MAP function.
What I want to do is that when I click on the marker, a message (toast) opens with the details of the marker, such as the name.
I don’t know how to use the formula in toast message to show only the data of that marker.
Could someone help me?

Nobody? Please, I’m stuck on this. I’m newbie and I’m trying to understand, but sometimes is hard.

Hi sorry this is cheeky. Can you let me know how you add multiple markers on your map. I can do this manually adding to the list of objects (9 properties) but am struggling to get this to work if I read in the properties from a fire base document. Just wondering how others are achieving this. I’m looking to add markers to a map representing locations of my users as an example and the do what you have asked in this post also. So grateful if you can help me get to the same point as u are . Thanks in advance . Mark

i’m using this formula:
MAP(appVars.Data, {label:, iconName: “map-marker”, iconSize:30, latitude: item.latitud, iconColor: “50”, longitude: item.longitud, labelColor: “4”})

Thanks been trying that also. But my data variable is on the page so data.variable … does it have to be an app variable to work? I assume you have this formula bound to the list object of the map. Thanks very much for taking g time to reply. Which backend are u using fire base ?

Look, i’m newbie ir programation, and i try to set pageVariable and the map crash. With appVariable works fine :neutral_face:
Yes, firebase realtime database. When app starts, i get record collection and set appvariables.

thanks for the reply - not sure that will work for me, if I have a thousand markers i don’t want them to be written to an app variable , i was hoping to be able to control the map better. I have too tried to get the onMarkerPress to read the data from the marker and cannot see how to access the data. Come on Appgyver, hoping you can review these map questions. Loving the product just hoping our requests are possible…

  1. loading multiple markers based on user selection or start region
  2. being able to show pop up info or move to a new page using the data from the marker pressed

grateful for a response
all the best

Yes, I would like to do the same with the map. Show a popup over the marker and open a page with details.
My project is based on that and if I can’t do it, I will have to abandon the platform and look for another alternative.

Come on AppGyver team!
What formula should I use here to make the toast show me the marker data? Is it possible to do this or am I wasting time looking for a way to do it?
I am using this formula for render the markers:
MAP(appVars.Data, {label:item.nombre, iconName: “map-marker”, iconSize:30, latitude: item.latitud, iconColor: “50”, longitude: item.longitud, labelColor: “4”})
Thanks and please, i need resolve this to continue with my proyect!!