Items in container also have shadow

To whom it may concern,

I enabled shadows for a container, but now all of the items within the container also have a shadow behind them. I just want the container to have a “3D” appearance… not all of the items to have this appearance as well.

Does anyone know how to fix this?


Hi, please report this as a bug at with

  1. Your app ID (number sequence in project URL)
  2. The page where it’s occurring
  3. The platform (Android, iOS, web) and preview app runtime version that it’s happening on. You can find the runtime version by clicking on your account on the upper left corner of the Preview app list view.

Did you edit a container style and “overwrote” the style? Maybe that is why you changed the appearance of all containers which have the same style choosen.

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Good point @Mihaly_Toth, it’s likely that the container style has been overwritten.

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Thanks, I feel like some of the bug-request could be avoided with a more attentive approach from the users. And also I just don’t want the Staff to be overwhelmed with sort-of-bugs that could be sorted out by going through the forums.
Keep up the great job, You’re doing. :smiley:

Thank you for your reply. My apologies for the delay in my response.

For further clarification, when I added this shadow effect to the outermost container of a repeated item, the inner components also gained this shadowing effect as well. Do you by chance know how to fix this?

Thanks again.

Could you please share a few screenshots of Your setup? That may help find the solution