Iterate through a list

Hi there,

could someone, please, help me with following?

I wanna filter my results from get a collection which returns a list and from that list I wanna remove/filter uids I do have in an object.

Formula looks like this:

SELECT(MAP(KEYS(outputs[“Get record”].record), SET_KEY(outputs[“Get record”].record[key], ‘id’, key)), appVars.blocked_users)

Where appVars.blocked_users is list of objects and need to filter that by every record in that appVar. So basically I need a for loop for this case.

Any help on that, please?

SELECT(appVars.message, NOT(IS_IN_ARRAY_BY_KEY(appVars.Blocked_users, "user_UID",INTEGER(item.sender_uid)))) 

this is how I would do it. and it works for my use case which is exactly the same as yours. There are other ways too but like I said, this is the first thing that came to my mind. Let me know if this works.