Iterate through list

I’m having trouble finding information about performing actions on each value of a list.

I pulled a record from my database, and one field has a collection of related records which are stored in a data variable, like this:

I can’t find any instruction on how to loop through each of these to call their respective records. Does Appgyver offer a no-code way? Do you do it through javascript? Do I have to isolate each record ID first?

Can you help me out?

Here’s a possible solution using if conditions.

  1. COUNT function will return the number of item in the list. Create a variable to store the output: length_list.
  2. Create a variable to store which index you are in the list as you iterate through it: counter. Set counter initial value to 0. Then
  3. Perform the task indexing the list using counter.
  4. Set counter variable to counter +1.
  5. Add an IF CONDITION function to the output of step 4.
  6. IF counter <= length_list return to step 3.

Thanks, Alan. You got me through the major roadblock. I’ve got it working with a modified version of your suggestions. Cleaned up a couple of other issues, stuck on another. Will post a separate question over that one.