Its too good not be true AppGyver Response

Dear AppGyver Head People you have something potentially amazing.

Why not just approach the development of you amazing (potential) product differently.

How can you onboard thousands of people to help you develop the product so it works?

To be honest is does not work very well and I really want it to.

You need lots of help to get it working.

Change your method of getting free development of your product I feel embarrassed.

Please think outside the box.
Run competitions
Offer shares or something
Or just say we need help.

I know you gotta protect your corporate identity but you current situation isn’t gonna help it.

Create a community of people who know its does not work the way it should but it could with their help.
“Before they even start to use it” Instead of people getting frustrated because it does not work the way it should and move onto another technology platform.

Give people a reason to stay.
This app should be massive and will be if you pivot.
Harness the power of the tech crowd properly to fix AppGyver that does not work properly.
There is enough love, care and helpful people in the world tap into and honestly you will solve so many problems very quickly.

I’m not gonna name drop but you guys have got this.

I’d rather open my mouth and address the elephant.

I’m not sorry because what your trying to achieve is worth it.

May I ask what you are trying to build? Which component is not working for you?

Property sales app
I used to work in London selling technology to big companies.
Such a shame that such an amazing app “potentially” doesn’t work
Please rethink how to make it work.
Many ants could make easy work of this.
Instead of asking what does or doesn’t work to users like me get a farm of people during Covid to help you lovely Appgyver people to help make it work.
I’d be happy to help get a group of bright university students together to help you figure this out from all over the world. This one day is going to be great.

what exactly does not work?
is it the entire app, the login page, the database, or maybe the location?