Java Script to alter one property of a Data Variable

I have the following scenario:
I just read from my API a data variable (single record), and it has 4 properties:

id: 1
name: john doe
category: user

I want to change the type based on the value of app_variable

Example: (pseudo code)
if app_vars.variable = yes
datavar.type = “object”

The result should be:
id: 1
name: john doe
category: user
(my real data has around 50 properties)

I was trying to do it via a JavaScript, in the output I chosed:

Because the output should be the same type as in the input I chosed in the output:
Data Variable, but I could not set which data variable.
then the output is “incompatible” with my data variable.
any ideas?

Hi, if you just want to change one property in your data variable, I would recommend using the “Set data variable” flow function.