(Javascript Flow Function) not displaying correctly

I am unable to use or edit the JS Flow Function. There seems to be a problem with the way it is being displayed. The code input area seems to only be 5px in height.

See image below:

Looks like a bug, definitely – which browser and OS is this on? Does resizing the browser window have any effect?

Hi Henrri

Safari / Version 13.1 (15609.
Mac OSX / Version 10.15.4

Resizing the browser didn’t help, however when switching to chrome I didn’t run into the issue.


Yup, confirmed to be a bug on Safari: https://tracker.appgyver.com/bug-reports/p/javascript-node-editor-is-broken-on-safari

Great to know. :slight_smile: Thanks for all the help.

FYI, this is now fixed!

Ah nice, that was fast. Thanks for the update.

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